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Igniting, advancing and serving Skyway’s business core

Skyway’s very own business development support crew

Partnered with King County, Shop Skyway offers FREE business growth services to enhance Skyway’s small businesses and promote an inclusive economy.

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About Us

A community-first plan for uplifting your small business

We are proud to offer a diverse range of business development services - building better businesses and contributing to Skyway’s thriving economy. Think of our team as your team. From financial services, marketing, design, HR and coaching  - our aim is to support you in achieving your business goals at no cost!

Our Programs

Unleashing Your Business' Potential

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1-on-1 Business Coaching Sessions

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all business improvement strategies. During your in-person session, the Business Coach will ask basic questions about the condition of your business, your vision for the company, and the challenges your business is facing to help them tailor their strategies and solutions to your specific needs.

Shop Skyway Events Calendar

Skyway’s racial and ethnic diversity deserves to be celebrated. Skyway Your Way aims to showcase our diverse residents through local cultural connection events, vendor markets, and murals by local artists. Come and catch up with your neighbors! 

Black Money Moves: Youth Entrepreneurship Program

In the Summer of 2024, Shop Skyway will introduce its first Youth Entrepreneurship Program for ages 16-22 to help cultivate the next generation of business owners by providing them with valuable skills and exposure to create generational wealth. The 3-month program will consist of group and individual sessions and workshops covering topics such as financial management, business basics, marketing strategies, and more. Local business owners are encouraged to volunteer.

Skyway Green Initiative

The Skyway Green Initiative inspires local businesses to embrace eco-friendly practices to preserve and beautify Skyway's business corridors. By providing environmental consulting and education, Skyway Green will increase BIPOC representation for the area's climate justice efforts and reduce the area's carbon footprint. Book a session to discuss incorporating sustainable products and practices into your business. If you have any innovative ideas for eco-friendly practices, exciting events, or opportunities for collaboration, send us a message!

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Supporting Skyway.
Building better businesses.

Empowering communities.

Why Shop Skyway?

Your Skyway Business Resource Partner


Skyway First Approach

Small businesses are the lifeblood of a vibrant community, and we firmly believe that a victory for a Skyway small business is a victory for the entire community. Our mission is to cultivate numerous successes, supporting and empowering as many small businesses as possible to pursue growth and success.


Minority-owned and Led

We strive to foster diversity, representation, and inclusivity at every turn. Our diverse team brings different perspectives, experiences, and cultural insights, enriching decision-making processes and driving innovation.


Customized Strategies

We know that one size does not fit all. Our team will work with you to understand your business goals and tailor approaches and solutions that consider your unique needs, culture, and the communities you serve.

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